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The warm climate in McKinney makes the idea of pool ownership all the more enticing. We’ve put together this guide for those contemplating installing a pool in their backyard. Let’s dive right into the 5 key facts about pool building in McKinney Texas!

Pool Ownership Is Trending in McKinney

McKinney, like many Texan cities, is seeing an increasing number of homeowners opting for a private pool. These cool retreats offer an escape from the heat, a place for fitness and family fun, and an increase in property value. The National Association of Realtors suggests that homes with pools are highly sought after in markets like ours, which only adds to the appeal.

Local Climate Conditions Impact Pool Building

Our local climate in McKinney plays a significant role in the pool building process. Our hot summers and mild winters make for an extended pool season, making pool ownership a rewarding investment. However, the choice of the type of pool and materials used will greatly depend on these weather conditions.

Pool Building in McKinney is Subject to Legal and Safety Regulations

As with any construction, building a pool in McKinney Texas is subject to specific codes and regulations. To ensure safety and adherence to guidelines, the city requires obtaining appropriate permits before the start of the project. This includes safety features like fencing, proper drainage, and specific dimensions, all vital elements to consider when planning your pool.

Common Pool Styles and Materials in McKinney

McKinney’s pool owners show a variety of tastes when it comes to pool styles and materials. In-ground pools, made of concrete or fiberglass, are popular due to their durability and design flexibility. Concrete pools, while more costly and time-consuming to install, offer endless possibilities for customization. Meanwhile, fiberglass pools are quicker to install and require less maintenance, making them another appealing option for homeowners.

It’s Better to Hire a Professional vs. DIY

The task of building a pool can be daunting, leading many to debate between hiring a professional or taking on a DIY project. In McKinney, professional pool builders are well-versed in local regulations, climate-appropriate materials, and design styles. They ensure a smooth process and a well-constructed final product. DIY pool projects, while offering cost savings, can be a significant undertaking requiring a deep understanding of construction and local building codes.


In conclusion, pool building in McKinney, Texas, is a fascinating topic that involves considering trends, climate, regulations, materials, and construction options. By understanding these five facts, we hope that you are better equipped to plan your dream pool.

Ready to dive into your pool building project in McKinney? Reach out to us for more personalized information and assistance. We’ll be able to provide you with the guidance you need to create your perfect pool!

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