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Inground pool construction has come a long way over the years. As we tried and tested different methods and materials, one stood out from the rest: shotcrete. If you’re thinking about building a pool, here’s why shotcrete pools should be on your radar.

What’s the Deal with Shotcrete Pools?

So, what is shotcrete? In simple terms, it’s a type of concrete that’s sprayed onto a surface. When building pools, there are two main ways to use shotcrete: wet-mix and dry-mix. The main difference? When the water is added. For wet-mix shotcrete, water is mixed with the concrete before spraying. With dry-mix, water is added as it’s sprayed out. Both methods work well, but the end result is always a solid, reliable pool shell.

Why Consider Shotcrete Pools?

Strong and Long-Lasting: When you’re putting in a pool, you want it to last. Shotcrete pools are known for their strength and can outlast many other types of pools. That means less hassle with repairs and a pool that stays in great shape year after year.

  • Flexible Design: One of the cool things about shotcrete is how versatile it is. You can shape it any way you want, making it easier to get that unique pool design you’ve been thinking about. Think about pools that fit perfectly in odd-shaped yards or ones with specific design features – shotcrete makes these possible.
  • Quick to Build: No one likes a long construction process. The good news? Shotcrete speeds things up. Since it’s sprayed on and takes shape quickly, you can have your pool ready in less time compared to some other methods.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While shotcrete might cost a bit more upfront, it pays off down the road. Because it’s so durable, you’ll likely spend less on repairs and maintenance over the years.
  • Better for the Environment: Shotcrete is a more efficient use of materials and produces less waste. So, if you’re trying to be more eco-friendly with your choices, shotcrete is a step in the right direction.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning to build a pool. But if you’re looking for something reliable, customizable, and worth the investment, shotcrete is a strong contender. And if you’re wondering who can help you with this, Lakeside Custom Pools is a name you can trust. But more on that later.

Common Misunderstandings About Shotcrete Pools

When a method stands out like shotcrete does in pool construction, it’s bound to generate buzz, questions, and yes, a few myths.

Myth 1: “Shotcrete pools break the bank.”

Initial investments can sometimes be intimidating. While shotcrete might appear pricier at first glance, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture. Think about fewer repairs, less maintenance, and a pool that keeps its appearance for years. It’s the difference between buying a cheap item repeatedly and investing in a quality product that lasts.

Myth 2: “It’s just another pool type.”

Far from it. Shotcrete pools are in a league of their own, especially regarding design freedom. If you’re picturing a unique shape or a customized feature, shotcrete can make it a reality, whereas other methods might falter.

Myth 3: “It’s a new fad; it won’t last.”

Shotcrete has been around for a while, and its longevity in both its physical form and its method popularity proves it’s more than just a passing trend. Its consistent rise in pool construction speaks volumes.

Looking Ahead

Building a pool is a significant decision. It’s more than just choosing a size or a shape; it’s about quality, longevity, and maximizing your investment. Shotcrete pools promise and deliver on all these fronts. Their durability means you’re not constantly dealing with fixes. Their design flexibility ensures your backyard reflects your vision, not a standardized template.

Then there’s the financial aspect. With shotcrete, your investment is protected for years to come. The initial cost is offset by the minimal maintenance and the sheer lifespan of these pools.

So, if you’re gearing up for a pool project, shotcrete should be a top contender. Now, finding the right experts to handle shotcrete is equally crucial. At Lonestar Pool & Spa Design, we’ve honed our skills over the years, perfecting the art and science of shotcrete pool construction and installation.

But our services don’t stop there. Whether you’re thinking of giving an old pool a new lease on life with some remodeling, wanting to add a custom spa for those relaxing weekends, or envisioning a complete outdoor living transformation, we’ve got you covered. In essence, at Lonestar, it’s not just about building pools; it’s about understanding your vision, making informed suggestions, and ensuring the final product exceeds your expectations.

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